Everyone agrees that homelessness in San Francisco is a crisis, but throwing more money at the problem–without a plan, benchmarks, or accountability– won’t solve it.


Prop C is the largest tax increase ever proposed in San Francisco—a city that already spends more on homelessness per capita than any other city in the United States—with no plan, no performance benchmarks, and no accountability measures for how the money is spent. That’s $300 million more dollars per year, locked in, forever.

It’s time to get smarter with our priorities.

We already spend $382 million a year on homelessness, and yet, the number of people living in the streets has remained unchanged since 1999. Prop C will increase spending on homelessness to $682 million a year. For comparison, that’s more money than the Department of Children, Youth, and Families, SF Parks, SF Libraries and all of Municipal Transit receives combined.

Our city’s homeless population deserves better than this. They deserve a well-implemented plan—not just throwing more dollars at the problem.

Get the Real Facts

Prop C is the largest tax increase in San Francisco history.
The measure locks in $682 million for the department of Homelessness. For comparison, this exceeds the budgets of Department of Emergency Management ($95 million), Libraries, ($160 million), Recreation and Park ($231 million), the Sheriff’s Department ($249 million) and most other city agencies. And it doesn’t reflect monies budgeted for homeless programs for medical and mental health services.
San Francisco already spends more on homelessness than any other city.
San Francisco already spends $382 million a year on homelessness—that’s the most in the nation, at $12,551 per capita. That is $51,000 per homeless person. Prop C would add $300 million per year on top of that.
The measure will hurt middle-class jobs.
The city’s own analysis, produced by the Mayor’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development, says the tax will affect businesses that produce 40 percent of the city’s business tax revenue and result in the elimination of middle-class jobs.
Poor coordination of services. No reforms.
By the city’s own admission, there has been insufficient oversight, infrequent audits and no centralized system for tracking services provided by and the performance of the dozens of agencies receiving city money to address homelessness.
Taxes and more taxes.
San Franciscans just passed a $141 million a year tax increase on the June ballot—the largest ever adopted—that the city hasn’t even begun collecting yet.
No accountability.
Prop C does not include any stipulation for reforming current policy on homelessness spending, requires no performance benchmarks, and has no detailed plan for how the money would be distributed.

What We Really Need

The solution to our homelessness epidemic is not just more money spent the same way – we need to be smarter, more creative and more accountable. In 1999, San Francisco spent $104 million a year on direct services for homelessness and there were 7,000 people living on the streets. Today, the budget is almost four times as large and there are still 7,000 people living on the streets, with more encampments, used needles, and human waste blanketing our sidewalks and storefronts than ever before. Prop C is more of the same – it’s a massive tax increase with no plan and no accountability.

We believe that the most serious issue in our City deserves an equally serious, innovative solution. Unfortunately, Proposition C is not the answer we all are searching for.

Our Board of Supervisors and new Mayor should be given the opportunity to bring the entire city together to pursue a consensus based-plan that will actually make a difference.

We urge you to vote NO on C.


is endorsed by:

Mayor London Breed
State Senator Scott Wiener
Assemblymember David Chiu
Supervisor Katy Tang
Supervisor Catherine Stefani
San Francisco Fire Fighters Local 798
San Francisco Police Officers Association
Laborers Local 298
Chamber of Commerce
Hispanic Chambers of Commerce
Chinatown Merchants Association
Hotel Council of San Francisco
SF Republican Party
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Edwin M. Lee Democratic Club
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